I am a musician almost more than I am a programmer. I both play the piano and compose.

On the piano, I play a lot of Rachmaninov and Chopin (didn't see that coming, did you?), as well as some Scriabin, Debussy, and various other composers.

As for composition, I find it nearly impossible to compose while sitting at the piano. Instead, I write most of my music from my desk without any musical instruments nearby, and later transfer it into GarageBand using a portable (25-key) MIDI keyboard. I'm writing the soundtrack for my WIP fantasy quest game codenamed "H: D", so there's epic music in it, creepy music in it, ambient music in it, slightly classical-sounding music in it, just plain weird music in it, you name it. That makes my compositional genre a bit of a mash-up. Call it Kondo-esque, if you please.

I am periodically releasing portions of my game's soundtrack on SoundCloud. If you want to show your support for my music, consider following me or liking my tracks. That way, you'll both support me and get some awesome music to listen to!

If you like what you hear, don't forget: I'm available for hire for video game composition!.