I'm Caleb, the 16-year-old computer programmer behind Gymbyl Coding, my unofficial coding "company". I live in Oklahoma, homeschool, and have been programming since I was 12 years old. I grew up in China.

On the programming side of me, I like to write games, libraries for Corona SDK, websites, command line tools in any language, serialization notations, shell scripts, and website and documentation generators (...actual documentation not so much).

I embarked on a quest some time ago to learn every major computer language that exists. So far, I know C++, C, C#, JavaScript, Lua, Swift, HTML and CSS (along with myriad CSS preprocessors), Bash, and PHP. I also have a passing knowledge of Objective-C, Java, Ruby, and Python.

As for how much I like the above languages, I love C, C++, Lua, and Swift; I like JavaScript, Objective-C, and C#; I'm ok with PHP, Bash, and HTML/CSS. I don't really care for Java (it's too "heavy") or Ruby (5.times freaks me out), and I absolutely loathe Python (I might write about why at some point).

In addition to programming, I'm also a musician. I play the piano and a little guitar and violin and I compose considerable quantities of instrumental music - you can listen to a little of it here - for my WIP fantasy game "H: D". My compositional "mentors" are Koji Kondo and Yasunori Mitsuda.

As for other sides of me, I am (in no particular order):

And here are some things I really like (in no particular order):

Oh, and by the way, "Gymbyl" is hard-G "gimble", not soft-G "jimble".