Gymbyl Coding


Get Crystalline, my first game, here!

I'm Caleb, the 15-year-old computer programmer behind Gymbyl Coding (that's a hard-G 'gimble', not soft-G 'jimble'). I live in Oklahoma, homeschool, and have been programming since I was 12 years old. I like to write shell scripts to automate things on my computer, make games, libraries for Corona SDK, websites, command line tools, and serialization notations. For example, this website was created by a shell script I wrote that executes a C++ command line tool which reads a special dialect of JSON and generates HTML as a result.

I embarked on a quest a year or so ago to learn every major computer language (or other that I like) that exists. So far, I know C++ and C, Java, JavaScript, Lua, HTML and CSS, Bash, PHP, Swift, Python, and Ruby. Of the languages I know, C++ is my favorite, followed by perhaps JavaScript or Swift. My least favorite is Ruby, because Ruby doesn't give you clear enough rules. Writing 5.whatever freaks me out.