Welcome to my website! I'm Caleb, the 16-year-old computer programmer behind Gymbyl Coding, my unofficial coding "company". I live in Oklahoma, homeschool, and have been programming since I was 12 years old.

I'm fairly well-known in the Corona SDK community, and am the creator of the popular Dusk Engine, as well as a number of other Lua code packages for Corona.

In addition to programming, I'm also a pianist and digital composer. My favourite piano composer is Rachmaninov, and my favourite digital composer is Koji Kondo. (Seriously, I might do some analysis on Kondo's music sometime. There's way more to it than meets the eye... er... ear. He's truly a master at what he does. Leave "Oh, that guy... yeah, I know him. He did the Mario theme." behind. Yes, he did do the Mario theme [probably the most famous video game composition of all time], but he also did a lot of other stuff, much of which is extraordinarily deep.)

Or, who knows, you might just want to try out my game!